Wednesday, 17 February 2016

about what it is worth

I met Magda while walking with my dog. We went in front of ourselves. Magda was wearing clothes in various colors and patterns, on her head was a woolen cap, from which you could see the long blond hair. She had blue eyes and a smiling face. She was walking with her dog Lajka, which quickly became friends with my Felek, so we start talking.
Magda and her husband put on their dreams. They live as they want to, implement consistently and in small steps dreams of their life. They studied geography. They worked in a corporation but quit that job. Now they travel a lot, write articles about running  for a magazines, take care of websites and lead shop for runners. Together, during a trip to Colorado they have written a book, which was later released. Not only that they live with passion, but also earn money with it. They rented their apartment in Warsaw, packed their things and leaving tomorrow with all their belongings to the Bielsko-Biala, because they love mountains, and always wanted to live there.
Meeting with Magda reminded me of a few things that apply in life, among other things, about what it is worth. It is worth to follow dreams, in small steps approach to them, look for own place in the world. We all have our strengths. Everyone. We just have to find them and define. We can use them to earn money, which makes the job will give us joy and satisfaction. It is worth to meet new people, you never know who next show you the right direction on the road of your life. It is worth to be good for ourselves and the others. It is worth to listen to. It is worth to looking for people with similar dreams, passions and interests. It is worth to focus on what gives us joy, not on what we fear. Very often it is worth to take the risk.
Magda contagious optimism and positive energy. This is the kind of energy that every day each of us desperately needs. Living our dreams, making they become real, we inspire others to positive change in their life. For me this meeting was very important and inspiring. I hope that one day we will meet for a walk with our dogs and the common tea, somewhere in the mountains.